With the pandemic a bit under control, Indian cities are breathing some clean air and are returning to their very own workplaces. The biggest cities of India, including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Chennai, are rushing back to uphold the economic condition of the nation, which was hampered by the pandemic. Due to this, extravagant changes are seen in the workplaces post-pandemic. With some cities showing higher workplace mobility rates than others, the typical trends are no more prevalent.

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Let us check some trends that the most significant Indian cities have adopted post-pandemic as their workforce aims to return to normal.

Socially Distanced Areas

Flexibility in the workplace is a foremost requirement, and many companies have adapted to it well. Post-pandemic, companies and organizations have set their workplaces up in open spaces to focus on the employees’ health. A recently concluded study regarding workplace productivity shows that when employees are given open and accessible spaces, productivity boosts along with the motivation to work harder and smarter. Thus, the modern concept of flexible, collaborative spaces and coworking for night shift is the new normal since night shift have also reported higher productivity since the pandemic.

Rejuvenated Technology

Among all negatives, the pandemic’s only positive is the immense technological advancements. A recent report by a technical firm said that the purchase of laptops has increased by 106% since 2020 at companies that cater to more than 500 employees. This shows that AI has been selected as the undisputed future for these companies. AI is also set to increase nearly 50% of the productivity and effectiveness at workplaces.

Automation is also taking over the usual work culture and showing positive progress signs. For example, if you look for a BPO KPO seat for night in Gurgaon, automation is a crucial search driver to offer you the best results.

Revamping Office Spaces

Post-pandemic many companies have started revamping and restructuring their workspaces. While 88% of the employees ask for flexibility within workspaces, organizations have started leasing their excess workspaces to other companies.

This has helped them gain some revenue from the lease bonds and utilize those excess spaces. These reimagined workspaces promise a lot to the employees and are expected to boost productivity exponentially. More and more companies are thinking about the shared office for night shift work to minimize recurring costs.

Uplifting the Existing Company Culture

While organization heads are thinking about new and modern models of the work culture, the company culture is getting hampered in the background. The pandemic has hit most of the companies hard. The core decision-making process has been transformed into a video-conferencing window from brainstorming in person.

While there are severe dents in the communication medium between the company and their employees, managers need to work hard to repair these dents. Break rooms have provided a practical base that has fuelled the steps to strengthen the company culture.

Wrapping Up

While these are some popular trends and transformations seen in the post-pandemic work culture at some of India’s biggest cities, another specific idea has taken the corporate world by storm. Facility management is becoming a highly focused-upon issue that is forecasted to increase efficiency and productivity among employees. This method has also shown ways of protecting the employees more from serious health issues in the future.

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