Coworking space is an office setup in which workers for different organization share an office space. They work individually on their respective projects. This type of office space allows cost savings and convenience as they use common infrastructures, such as equipments, facilities and parcel acceptance services. This offices are available during the night and is known as Night Shift Coworking Space.

Every coworking space will always have the basic facilities like WiFi, printers, conference room and some will have tea, coffee, and snacks available.


Types of Coworking Spaces


Open Workspaces

These types of workspaces provide hot desks or dedicated desks where individuals from different organization share common areas.


Private Workspaces

These private spaces are like an office or even custom suites specifically made for large teams. Individuals from one company either share the dedicated room or a combination of rooms leased or rented by the organization.



Industry Specific

It is great to network with the individuals who share common ideas,interests and experiences. This is why the industry-specific spaces were built. These spaces are dedicated to members who work in a common industry. For example a graphics designer, videographers and artists can all work under one roof even in night shift coworking space.


Advantages of Coworking


Community: In a place with familiar faces, it’s good how far above and beyond the association will go to help one another succeed.

Flexibility: Instead of investing in a long-term lease, you can go for more flexible deals with coworking spaces. It’s great for entrepreneurs and startups with small budgets, and also independent freelancers can opt for affordable options.

Working Outside of the Home: Working from home is great, but being around other people is good for your networking, it can keep you up to date and is great for learning something new.

 Networking: New opportunities start to flow organically once you meet people of the same profession.


Who Uses Coworking Spaces?



A coworking space allows meeting other entrepreneurs and freelancers with a common goal. It’s an excellent place to network and grow.


Small Businesses:

Small businesses, who don’t want to pay like the traditional lease, have switched to coworking. Since there are not too much costs of getting set up and infrastructures or the amenities a business needs day-to-day, so small businesses now make up a majority of coworking space users.


Night Shift Working Professionals

One of the major reasons that people prefer to work during night is that they feel the most productive during those hours. Creativity flows best when the entire world has gone to bed, and one is left solitary to let their brain run free. So, such individuals also need a space they can work from, with the same amenities that regular day workers get, while at the same time getting the opportunity to network with like-minded people.

Workify office assures that you get the optimal conditions to work till late hours and get a suitable infrastructure and all the other required essentials. With the best working conditions that let you work uninterrupted, the night shift option is best suited for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small enterprises. Whether you are working on a project or planning up a new business idea, our night shift coworking space in Gurgaon is perfect to work unhindered.

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