When it comes to choosing an office space we often get confused about location, facilities, environment, etc. Though we understand choosing a workspace is not an ongoing process because people look forward to acquiring the space where they can work for several years but, one must know about the things that need to consider while hunting for a conveniently located workspace. A workroom should not be just well equipped from inside but the outside of office space is equally important, for instance: Connectivity & Transportation, commotion less environment, Breakout areas, Parking, etc. Here, let us understand how the absence of these things really impacts our working schedule.

Connectivity & Transportation:

Roads: Well designed and great connectivity can reduce your hassle of being stuck in traffic jams and chaos. Employees who use public vehicles are often confronting these problems that lead them to come late. On-road, Companies use charted buses and cabs as additional modes of transportation for their employees.

Rapid metro: Metro is the safest mode of transport for everyone irrespective of male or female. Always keep in mind to take an office space where the metro station should be at not more than 500 meters’ distance. Because it’s been observed that majorly people would likely to use the metro to commute.

Medical facilities:-

This is another aspect to be kept in mind while seeking office space. Because your companions are what really make up your company. For any emergency, a hospital should be as near as possible to the company. The more medical facilities available the better it is. The medication comes under the necessity that can never be neglected. Because
working with a good strength is itself a big task and we always have a fear of mis- happening or calamity may fall on us anytime. Always choose your place where hospitals or care centers are nearby.


Place, where many Prominent hotels are located, becomes a sight of attraction for your visitors. As nearby hotel or accommodation is good for the employees that are relocated from their places. Visiting Clients, investors, and senior management from the overseas offices always find hotels nearby to the office very convenient.

Eateries: Employees want to get out after a hard day’s work, particularly on Friday’s and Saturday’s, it’s customary to grab a bite or drink before heading home. Office get- together for company events and celebrations are done for which a set of gourmet restaurants, bars, and clubs are always a source of attraction for an office space.

Airport: A nearby airport makes it easy to reach the airport without getting stuck in traffic. This is a big plus point.

Parking: With cars increasing manifold parking has become a serious issue in most cities. It is worthwhile to research how much parking is offered with the office and how much does additional parking cost. Any other parking spaces nearby.

Office expansion and Work Timings: The building should have sufficient space to be able to expand the team if required. Does the building offer you 24/7 access to the building? What services are available during late working hours? Is security good and is it safe for employees are some of the many concerns before taking office space?
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