How can a Co-Working space help a recruitment agency find its ideal office?

Co-working companies have evolved over time to accommodate the unique requirements of their clients. They have open spaces with over 80 to 100 workstations in the same place when they are catering to BPOs/KPOs or Contact centers. Smaller team rooms that can accommodate 2 to 3 people for companies that are still in the ideation stage or pre-seed stage. Accordingly, they have team rooms for small teams of 5 to 10 people or larger team rooms for 15 to 25 people, and so on. Team rooms also fulfill the requirement of providing the company with its privacy while enjoying all the benefits of being part of a larger community.

What does any business really need?

Firstly a corporate would look for an ‘Affordable Office’, particularly in this time of uncertainty due to the coronavirus. A prestigious address, which is conveniently located, easily accessible by its staff, comfortable for its clients, looks professional and has the facilities that any company needs like a conference & meeting rooms, interviewing room, pantry, etc.

The more comfortable the office space with a proper waiting room, where someone is there to take care of clients goes a long way in giving clients the comfort to work with the recruitment agency. Likewise, proper meeting rooms give them the requisite privacy to discuss their credentials with the recruitment firm. On-site and well-trained housekeeping staff and a courteous receptionist create a strong impression for the client. A recruitment firm should pay specific attention to these things when taking office space.

Modern designs go a long way in leaving a lasting impression on the minds of clients of recruitment firms. Medical rooms Phone rooms, common areas, break out areas, are all part of modern designs creating a strong impression on the client.

Further, Businesses are running ongoing concern concept, It is to be ensured that there should always be room for team expansion.

Well-equipped conference and meeting rooms are other crucial aspects when choosing an office space. Can video conferencing be done? Does the company offer high-speed internet? Are proper failovers in place for the internet? Do consider all these options before deciding.

Finally, of course, the price at which you are being offered a seat and what all is included in the price is a big consideration. After all, we all want to cut costs. By choosing a co-working space you in fact save from 30% to 50% over leasing your own office space and managing it. You are able to focus on your work leaving aside all hassle to the co-working team of the company.

In a nutshell, recruitment firms can largely be benefitted from working out of a co-working space. Everything that is needed is provided in one place for nearly half the price. Up to date facilities providing comfort and convenience and above all allowing you to completely focus on your job and leave the rest to the company. Expand whenever you want and pay accordingly. These are some of the most convenient options available only at co-working companies.

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