Gurugram is among the top startup destinations in India. It’s among the top 3 in India and in many aspects is the number one destination ahead of the much-coveted destination Bengaluru.

There has been a rapid growth of startups in Gurgaon and consequently, the requirement for office space has gone up. Co-working companies in Gurgaon have been a natural beneficiary of this upsurge in a requirement for office space. The question then arises as to what do co-working spaces in Gurgaon offer and in what way can they benefit a startup? Had it not been for the several advantages that a co-work space offers over a leased office, their growth would have been very limited.

The most important aspect from a startup’s point of view is cost. Co-working spaces are 30% to 50% cheaper than a leased office.

The offering of a co-working company is very diverse and companies are continuously evolving to make their offering better. In general, a co-working space in Gurgaon would offer you the following benefits: –

  • Team rooms, Manager cabins and open spaces – You can choose from among these depending upon your requirement and the size of the company.
  •  Engaging Preferences – Well equipped conference rooms and meeting rooms are available. You can pre-book them as and when your need arises. Most companies do not charge separately for this service.
  • Reception service – Included in the cost and available to assist your guests in your meetings, interviews, and related work.
  • Pantry | Cafeteria – Well-designed cafeterias and pantries are available at these co-working spaces in Gurgaon. Depending on the size of the co-working space, 40 to 60 people can easily be seated at one go.
  • IT Support – Available to assist you with any IT issues that you or your team might have. often co-working ensures 24*7 availability of IT staff just to deal with machine malfunctioning or complex issues.
  • Administrative support – All co-working spaces provide admin support so that you as a company can focus on your work and do not need to bother about the administrative headaches of running an office.
  • Internet – High-speed internet along with failovers is common at coworking spaces to provide you with a seamless experience and next to zero interruption due to internet breakdown.
  • Modern designs – Many co-working spaces provide you with phone booths, sleeping pods, health rooms, medical rooms, wheelchairs, and other facilities that go a long way in enhancing wellbeing and providing the privacy that one needs from time to time.
  • Community Building – This is a very important part of most co-working spaces. Human beings need social interaction and community managers at co-working spaces play a very important role in keeping everyone connected. Regular events are organized to get people to know each other, relax and enjoy. On a more serious note, investors’ meet is organized to help start-ups get funded. Mentors are invited to speak on different topics to enlighten young entrepreneurs about different aspects of running a business.
  • Flexibility – Co-working companies are flexible in most viewpoints and a company can quickly increase or decrease its team size. So in case, the project you were working on has ended, you can serve a notice to reduce seats and it’s done. So reduced business translates into reduced cost unlike in a leased office where your space size remains fixed. Co-working spaces in Gurugram are also flexible in terms of their offerings and adapt quickly to new requirements.
  • Virtual office – Virtual office services are provided for early-stage startups or companies that are coming from different geographies. They need to register their company and need an official address. Most choose a co-working space so they can later take office space at the same place.
  • Customized offices – another variant that has come under the umbrella of co-working spaces in Gurugram are customized offices. In short, these are offices built to design. Usually, large well-established companies go for this arrangement since they want to preserve the work culture of their company and yet not be burdened by utilities. They want a fully serviced office so they can concentrate on their job and not be bothered by managing the office. There are two variants in this. Some companies want to have a serviced office and the community aspect is not particular of interest to them. The second variant involves the co-working company building an office for a company in their (the co-working companies) office such that the company has a separate entry and exit and other requirements as specified by them. Yet at the same time, they are part of the larger coworking community of the co-work company. They regularly participate in all the events of the co-working company and contribute to that community enriching it with their own essence.

In a nutshell, co-working spaces are evolving rapidly to cater to the aspirations of young entrepreneurs. Millennial today constitute 25% of the workforce and in India are expected to touch 75% of the workforce. This requires flexible solutions for changing tastes and demands.

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