Future of the Office Space: How is it going to look like?

In the traditional approach, an average employee used to spend an entire day while sitting on a chair and working. It might have improved productivity but it tends to loosen up their interest in the company. Today also we all are aware that technology has taken up the command and we are likely to become more machine-oriented. It has its own pros & cons which can’t be denied. However, physical workspaces have much to change to retain their employees and providing them necessary perks in the process of making offices no more mundane!. It’s been highly observed that offices are adapting to a healthy working environment where an employee can work with fun Open collaboration and privacy at the same time

Social connection vs. Productivity and privacy

In today’s work culture often the line is blurry between work life and home life. Open collaborative environments address the needs for social connection, addressing people together, meetings but research shows that it’s at the cost of productivity, concentration, and privacy. Employees have to address many concerns from the office where they do not actually have the privacy to do so without someone overhearing them. It indicates a future office space that will be both collaborative, community-oriented well as privacy concerned.

Remote Working and Mobile Workforce:

Remote working is estimated to stay at 25 to 35% in times to come particularly for IT firms. Startups are going to choose the Flexi office space option, not only because they do not have the technologies nor the funds to organize remote working effectively but also because these are new teams and need face to face interaction to set up processes before work from home can be an option for them.


Soft seats, adjustable workstations, pedal push water taps, phone booths, power nap pods, breakout areas, nicely designed coffee or tea shops in offices are going to become increasingly common. Each company will have to think about what kind of work culture it wants to create in its office and will invest in infrastructure accordingly. Limitations of office space could also force companies to have desks or workstations on wheels. This would allow for a quick meeting or conference if required. The workstations could quickly be adjusted in a circle or square and so on.

Employee Flexibility:

Another thing driving the future of office workspaces is employee health and well-being. Millennial wants to have flexible timings. An employee spends more time at work than at home, necessitating a work environment that reduces stress and improves mental wellbeing. Offices are increasingly becoming green. Gyms and breakout areas are common at offices. Additionally, regular health check-ups, medical rooms, smoking zones are also becoming part of offices. Nicely designed pantry, café shop are a feature we see at most offices today. Offices now look for ways to reduce employee stress, improve mental well-being, and increase productivity. Many pieces of research now indicate that the strict 9 to 5 timing is out. Employee retention is better at those companies that are flexible in most aspects. Co-Working companies fill this gap very well. Most of them have unique designs to cater to all aspects of employee requirements. Many of these office spaces are pet friendly, yet others have kids’ areas for working parents.

To summarize office space has been evolving to include, trendy designs, open plans, Hot desking, common spaces, functional buildings, and sustainable buildings. Specialized companies have come up which cater to the unique requirement of companies for office space. They spend time researching and providing better workspaces. Co-working offices or customized office spaces, Team rooms taking care of start-up’s and small teams are all being addressed from the same workspace and simultaneously taking care of the community aspect. Companies have now started to outsource office space work to these new breeds of companies, may you call them co-working companies or office design companies. They take care of your office needs.

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